What makes us the right partner for you?

We like to keep things simple – unlike banks, which insist on maximum security and create a mountain of bureaucracy before making any investments. And for large investment companies you are just like any other, which is why advisors have little flexibility to develop a customised solution.

No wonder so many good ideas end up in the bin, and lots of entrepreneurs get frustrated and give up. FOUR-L Holding GmbH treats all partners with the highest priority. Cooperation with us is a straightforward, professional partnership.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and discreet partner that will support you without taking away your freedom. As an investor we promote tolerance, personal responsibility and freedom – values to which we are committed.

Our company philosophy is based on the long-term development of corporate values. We are certainly not interested in short-term profit distribution or return on investment.


Example: „Start-up“

As a budding entrepreneur you become part of our extensive network, which ensures your successful entry into the market.

Rest assured that we give you all the time you need to establish your business idea.


Example: Expansion

Is your company looking to expand?

Unlike many investors, we are interested in long-term cooperation without interfering with your entrepreneurial decisions.

Opportunity knocks more often than one thinks, but most of the time there's nobody home.

- William Rogers (1879-1935), American humourist