We operate in the following sectors:

These are the sectors in which we can integrate you into an existing international network.

This will help you break into the market, allowing you to benefit both from the experience of your future partners and from an established infrastructure.

But we do not restrict ourselves exclusively to these sectors.

If you are an entrepreneur specialising in other fields, you can also use our well-established company network. From finance to marketing and sales, we provide all the support you need for your project.


Dialogue marketing

Whether offline or online – take advantage of our great expertise as well as our broad network of reliable and experienced partners in all areas of marketing.

Whether single or multi-stage direct marketing, eCommerce as a primary or secondary sales channel, we offer you a network of experts who provide professional support in every aspect of your marketing campaign, from market analysis, strategy and planning to implementation and follow-up.

Example offline marketing

Advertisements and mailings – be it text, design, placement, typesetting and printing, mailing, fulfilment or success analysis and optimisation – we have reliable and experienced partners for all areas.

Example online marketing

Your own web page, landing pages, mailings or your own online shop – we provide advice in all areas and put you in touch with experienced service providers.

Experienced copywriters, designers and programmers create a professional website for your company, product or advertising – including search engine optimisation, if required.

Affiliate and AdWords marketing, single or two-stage campaigns, subscriptions, email chains, social media, search engine optimisation, market analysis – our network includes a large number of experienced marketing experts.


Mail order business

Are you a retailer looking for an experienced partner in mail order or distance selling?

Do you run an online shop and are you looking for an experienced fulfilment partner?

Take advantage of our many years of experience and our network of reliable national and international service providers.

From database management fulfilment to dunning or smaller sub-areas, we will give you the right advice and put you in touch with our partners.

  • Data management: creating data for new and potential customers and maintaining the customer database
  • Order intake: order entry, checking availability of items
  • Inventory management: control, booking and processing of goods receipt, management and inventory
  • Handling of shipment: creating delivery notes and invoices, packaging and return receipts
  • Dispatch: handing over goods to a suitable carrier.
  • Returns management: identifying reasons why goods have been returned, further process analysis
  • Payments: ensuring payments have been received, dunning
  • Customer service: by telephone and in writing


Whether eBooks or printed versions, whether you are publishing your own work or reproducing and selling existing content – you can benefit from our expertise and experienced publishing partners.

Print media

From concept, graphics, pre-press and printing to further processing, logistics and distribution – our experienced partners in high-quality printing products present your print media in the best light.


Creating electronic media in common digital formats such as PDF, ePub or Mobipocket, and publishing on platforms such as Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Buch.de, Ciando, Hugendubel Thalia, Weltbild and many more – our service providers can convert your work to run on your customers‘ eReaders, smartphones or tablets.

Your own work

As publication service providers, our authors write, edit and proofread your work on topics of your choice and advise you on layout, production and sales channels.

Life Balance

Life Balance

We have also provided advice and investments to a number of start-up companies in the area of health and wellbeing. Pilates, yoga, an eBook publisher specialising in health, personal development, body and health, natural fruit juice and many more.

This sector plays a vital role at a time in which life is often fast and frantic. It is essential to reconcile family and working life. The job can be demanding, resulting in burnout and other stress-related illnesses. A large part of life is spent in a whirlwind of stress, while the more relaxing moments are few and far between. At times like these, it is important to have a healthy diet and take a break from the hectic pace of daily life.

The companies we promote have recognised the importance of this and positioned their products and services in the market with great success. Their business continues to grow, and the natural fruit juice manufacturer, in particular, has taken its place among the top suppliers in the market, with great potential for further expansion. We are delighted with the success of the young team, which we have had the pleasure to support.

It is not important to be first in a sector, only to be more original than the others.

- Paul Gauselmann, German inventor and entrepreneur